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Sharing after rhinoplasty at Keangnam Korea


In cases where rhinoplasty is recommended

What is your nose defect?

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The nose has many flaws

Low nose, short nose tip, upturned nose, flat nasal bone, bumpy, rough nose,...

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Nose pillar too low

The nose pillar is shortened or too small and flat, lacking forward protrusion.

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The nose is not symmetrical

In case of asymmetry, the big nose is not in harmony with the face.

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The skin of the nose tip is thin

The tip of the nose shows veins, the skin of the nose is easily red and damaged.

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Broken nose

In case the nose is damaged due to previous surgeries.

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Nose injury

In case the nose is injured or deformed due to a serious accident.

What problem are you having?
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Correct low, rough, damaged nose shape
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Create lemon seed nostrils and slim nose wings
mui radius 3
Adjust nose shape to standard facial proportions
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The tip of the nose is slim and symmetrical according to feng shui standards
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Artist, tiktoker successfully performed rhinoplasty in keangnam korea

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The nose shrinks and deforms

The shape of the nose changes internally and externally, causing the tip of the nose to turn up.

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Deviated, crooked nose

A deviated nose is not a rare condition for those who have just had rhinoplasty at an untrustworthy facility.

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mui hong 3

Cartilaginous nose

Cartilage is thick and long, too hard, thinning the skin of the nose, eventually leading to the cartilage being exposed.

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Nose inflammation, infection

The nose becomes red, swollen and bruised for a long time, fluid flows, and even bleeds, leading to pus and pain.

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With more than 30 years of experience in correction and aesthetics for millions of “failed nose aesthetic” cases, Sline nose structure rhinoplasty is considered by experts that cartilage material is very important, accounting for nearly 50% of success. When it comes to rhinoplasty, common rhinoplasty materials on the market often shrink easily and have a very low compatibility rate with the body, leading to the risk of rejection, causing cartilage to erupt or infection and post-augmentation complications.

However, based on research into the application of autologous materials in cosmetic surgery, FlexiForm bio-cartilage was born, this is a new breakthrough in rhinoplasty technology.

FlexiForm biological cartilage nose lift with outstanding advantages, body structure with tiny seamless holes, allowing blood vessels to pass through. This creates strong adhesion and compatibility with the body, very suitable for people who are allergic to artificial materials or have experienced unsuccessful rhinoplasty.

Besides, the flexibility of FlexiForm cartilage also helps easily create a nose shape that is in harmony with the face, 10 times superior to conventional cartilage. FlexiForm cartilage has been clinically proven and has been certified by the FDA for safety and licensed for use.

Combined with state-of-the-art equipment to support the cosmetic surgery process. Application of artificial intelligence to simulate Face AI Pro – Analyze nose shape index according to feng shui & Simulate pre-operative results with up to 99% accuracy, from which customers will know the post-operative results in advance to have the most correct choice.

With the mission of putting customer safety first, we always check 16 health indicators to provide accurate information about health status before performing plastic surgery for customers. Keangnam Korea brings the best, most modern methods with a team of medical experts with over 10 years of experience and a sterile beauty environment according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, helping customers have a balanced nose shape. , suitable for feng shui, naturally beautiful and safe.

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thiet ke trac hoc
Anthropometric nose shape design

Rhinoplasty according to standard anthropometric proportions not only ensures the beauty of the nose shape but also ensures "feng shui" elements

tai atao sun tai
Nose tip reconstruction using ear cartilage

Rhinoplasty with ear cartilage is a method of nose augmentation using autologous cartilage. Helps adjust nose shape to be soft and naturally high

sun sinh hoc
Augment the bridge of the nose with biological cartilage

Biological cartilage rhinoplasty is a modern technique that helps improve the height of the nose, giving a new nose shape that is tall, slim, and naturally beautiful

dung mui vach ngan
Build the nose with a partition

Rhinoplasty with septal cartilage will take advantage of part of the septal cartilage to make grafts to help build a solid nose foundation

Rhinoplasty keangnam korea




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Experienced team of doctors

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Natural beauty, long lasting

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Modern professional conscientious

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Modern equipment, meeting medical standards

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Super Deals

Great deals, attractive costs Give away 5 million VND immediately

Service customer feedback Rhinoplasty at Keangnam Korea


Currently, Keangnam Korea is carrying out various popular nose augmentation procedures, including:

  • High-end nose lift with FlexiForm biological cartilage.
  • Super Structural Nose Lift.
  • S Line Structural Nose Lift.
  • Autologous Rib Cartilage Nose Lift.
  • Korean Nose Lift.

Additionally, depending on the condition of the nose, Keangnam Korea’s doctors also advise combining methods such as Alar Base Reduction or Nasal Tip Reduction to achieve perfect results.

The nose lift procedure is considered a minor surgery, after which the client will be allowed to return home to rest and follow the doctor’s wound care instructions. Typically, after about 5 to 7 days, swelling and bruising will significantly subside, and the nose will also achieve considerable stability. However, to achieve optimal results with a natural and perfect nose, patience and time are required, with a waiting period of 3 to 6 months being necessary.

Experts at Keangnam Korea utilize the ‘Blood Vessel Sensing and Ultrasound Pain Reduction Technique’ in cosmetic surgery, where doctors at Keangnam Korea are highly skilled in the procedures. Any branch of blood vessels or nerve endings is actively controlled during surgery. Consequently, almost all incisions are bloodless, with no complications. The blood vessel sensing technique ensures a bloodless, complication-free, safe, and sterile procedure.

Regarding the ultrasound pain reduction technique, employing peripheral nerve blockade helps reduce pain and minimize the use of high-dose pain medications. This aids clients in reducing feelings of nausea, maintaining alertness, and decreasing the incidence of chronic pain post-surgery.

Currently, the demand for nasal aesthetics is increasingly popular. However, many people still have questions about the longevity of results after undergoing superstructure nose lifting. Recent studies have proven that this method not only delivers results of a higher and more refined nasal shape but also maintains long-term effectiveness.

The distinctive feature of this method lies in the use of biological cartilage combined with autologous cartilage, optimizing adaptability to the body. This prevents rejection reactions, minimizing the risk of unwanted issues when the material is applied to the nasal cavity. Over time, the cartilage will integrate strongly with the nasal structure, keeping the nasal shape beautiful over time.

The unique superstructural rhinoplasty procedure ensures advancement through the integration of modern technology and the finesse of a professional medical team. Utilizing premium cartilage materials, the process focuses solely on the nasal region without causing deep internal damage, particularly without affecting the olfactory nerve or generating any issues related to nasal pathology or other aspects of health.

During the rhinoplasty surgery, choosing the appropriate type of autologous cartilage is a crucial step to achieve the desired outcome. There are three types of commonly used natural cartilage, each with its own advantages and characteristics.

1. Septal Cartilage: Natural septal cartilage is located in the center of the nose and is well compatible with the body. With its soft and moldable characteristics, septal cartilage is often preferred for adjusting the shape of the nose in a natural and harmonious way.

2. Ear Cartilage: Ear cartilage is considered the most common choice in rhinoplasty surgery. Its flexibility and softness make shaping the nose easy and natural. Ear cartilage also helps prevent unwanted complications after surgery.

3. Rib Cartilage: In special cases such as revision rhinoplasty or when additional material is needed, rib cartilage is used to create nasal contours. With its sturdy characteristics, rib cartilage ensures a safe and stable outcome during surgery.

Each type of autologous cartilage has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the appropriate type of cartilage should be based on careful consultation with the surgeon to ensure effectiveness and long-term satisfaction with the rhinoplasty results.

The technique of nasal tip refinement is becoming a highly regarded method for both safety and aesthetic effectiveness in improving the shape of the nose. Conducted by surgical experts, this procedure focuses solely on the soft tissue and cartilage of the nasal tip that requires adjustment, without affecting the main structure of the nose. This ensures that there is no negative impact on the height of the nasal bridge.

Not only does nasal tip refinement maintain safety, but it also brings about significant aesthetic improvements. Through this process, the nose can be optimized, eliminating flaws and creating an appealing nasal shape. With the professionalism and dedication of the surgeons, clients can trust that they will achieve a beautiful and harmonious nose that complements their facial features.

Minimizing the size of the nose is a highly regarded beauty enhancement method by top experts in the field of aesthetics. This method not only provides aesthetic effectiveness but is also highly rated for its safety.

During the procedure, professional physicians approach the soft tissue and nasal cartilage to sculpt the nose naturally and slimly. By using meticulous and precise cosmetic techniques, they ensure that the surgical outcome is perfect and enduring.

Although this method is considered safe and unlikely to revert the nose to its original size, complications can still occur. Often, these issues stem from the unprofessional skills of the physician, errors during the surgery, or the use of substandard safety equipment.

Therefore, selecting a reputable and trustworthy cosmetic facility is paramount. This helps ensure that the nose-minimizing process is conducted professionally, safely, and delivers the perfect results that clients expect.

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