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Creating Perfect Double Eyelids

Creating Perfect Double Eyelids is a method of cutting the eyelids by making a thin incision in the eyelid line, removing excess fat and loose skin on the eyes.

Perfect double eyelids service

Perfect double eyelids service
Perfect double eyelids service

What is Creating Perfect Double Eyelids ?

Creating perfect double eyelids is a popular beauty surgery method, helping to create big, round eyes, clear eyelid folds, more attractive and beautiful.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to be given perfect beauty by the “midwife”. There may be people with double eyelids, single eyelids, and some people with double eyelids, but not evenly. All of these eyelid defects can be completely improved thanks to the latest cosmetic intervention method of creating perfect double eyelids today.


What kind of eyes are double eyelids?

According to experts, 50% of Asian women do not have eyelid folds on the upper eyelids and the remaining 50% have different types of eyelids.

Eyes without eyelid lines or folds are called monolid eyes. And the eyes are divided into two parts from the eyebrows to the eyelids by the eyelid fold, called double eyelids.

Clearly we can see that those who own double eyelids always have bigger, rounder, more soulful and attractive eyes.

Perfect Double Eyelids
Perfect Double Eyelids

Advantages of creating perfect double eyelids service

Get rid of loose skin, drooping eyelids, and double eyelids after just 1 procedure: The doctor removes loose skin and excess fat from the eyelids and creates new eyelid folds, the aging of the eyes over time will be reduced. is removed as much as possible, giving you beautiful, clear double eyelids, youthful charisma, and more radiant than ever after just one treatment.

Eyelid folds are clear, naturally symmetrical and maintain long-term effective results: Long-term resolution of sagging skin and excess fat, helping to create clear new eyelid folds, giving naturally beautiful, youthful double eyelids , maintaining long-term effectiveness over time.


Safe, painless: Thanks to modern technology transferred directly from Korea, eyelid surgery is performed according to a safe procedure, with minimal invasiveness, so there is no pain.

The incision is thin so it leaves no scars: Thanks to the specialized scalpel and top-notch techniques of doctors at Keangnam Korea Beauty Institute, the incision is very thin and coincides with the eyelid fold so there is no sign of scarring. .

No need to rest much, quick recovery time: This technique is done quickly and neatly in about 30 – 60 minutes. You can go home immediately and rest for 2 days before you can return to normal activities.

Advantages of creating perfect double eyelids
Advantages of creating perfect double eyelids

Suitable subjects for perfect double eyelids

Eyelid surgery is a solution that comprehensively solves common eye aging problems combined with perfect double eyelids to help your eyes become more youthful and attractive. Eyelid surgery is suitable for the following subjects:

  • Single eyelid, ptosis due to birth or aging
  • Eyes with unclear eyelids, many eyelids
  • Eyes with crooked eyelids, one side is big and the other is small
  • The eyes have a lot of loose, sagging skin, and the eyelid lift muscle loses elasticity
  • Eyes have puffiness due to aging

Procedure for creating perfect double eyelids

Đo vẽ chăn chỉnh đôi mắt trong dịch vụ nâng cung mày

Examination and consultation

The doctor examines, gives specific advice and answers all customers' questions. This is an important operation, helping customers clearly understand the method and how to perform it and feel comfortable when entering the operating room.

Carry out the necessary preparations

Carry out the necessary preparations

The doctor performs the necessary preparations for eyelid surgery:

  • Medical examination.
  • General testing for customers to ensure that they are healthy enough to participate in surgery.
  • Prepare surgical instruments. This instrument needs to be absolutely sterile to ensure safety according to strict regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Measure, draw and determine proportions

Measure, draw and determine proportions

The doctor measures the width of the eyelids and draws lashes suitable for the face.

Phẫu thuật nâng cung mày

Local anesthesia

This operation helps customers feel painless, uncomfortable and comfortable during eyelid surgery.

Eye Fat Implantation

Perform Creating perfect double eyelids

The doctor performs upper eyelid surgery, depending on each customer's specific case. Closing the surgical site with specialized thread creates a naturally balanced eyelid fold without showing any scars.

Chăm sóc hậu phẫu thuật

Post-operative care

After surgery, you will be taken to Keangnam Korea's post-operative care room with the most advanced support equipment. Doctors will instruct you on proper care after eyelid surgery to quickly restore your health, stabilize your eyelid shape quickly, and ensure the best aesthetic results for you.

Results after performing creating perfect double eyelids

Trước Sau

Outstanding video about creating perfect double eyelids

Why should you choose creating perfect double eyelids at Keangnam Korea?

Currently, there are many cosmetic units and establishments springing up as quickly as “mushrooms after the rain”. Accordingly, customers have more addresses to consider their beauty service and care packages.

However, you need to choose reliable and reputable addresses, especially when planning to undergo surgical intervention. Even if it is just a minor surgery, you should still consider the skill of the doctor and the quality of service of the cosmetic service provider.

We are proud to introduce to you one of the leading beauty care addresses in Vietnam, trusted and chosen by many customers, including famous Vietnamese stars. That is Keangnam Korea Beauty Center.

  • Equipped with facilities, machinery, technology and advanced beauty methods, bringing desired beauty results.
  • Keangnam Korea owns a team of experienced experts and doctors who have studied abroad for many years; Regularly improve professional skills and stay ahead of new technology.
  • Professional, friendly service style… Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied with the quality of our service.
  • When you come to Keangnam Korea, your worries and wishes will be completely resolved. We will help you be more confident with your appearance and charisma, thereby living a more positive and meaningful life.

If you have any questions, you can take the time to come directly to Keangnam Korea Beauty Center, call Hotline 0911.833.555 or leave your appointment information to receive specific advice from our experts.


Frequently asked questions when Creating perfect double eyelids

Before performing eyelid surgery at Keangnam Korea Beauty Center, customers will be given local anesthesia by the doctors so it will not cause any pain or discomfort at all. In addition, the technique is performed using modern methods and cosmetic stitching according to the measured and predetermined eyelid contours from the beginning, so there are absolutely no scars left after surgery, limited invasiveness, and no damage. damage to the eye area and affect visual ability.

Currently, there are many addresses of beauty establishments, but not every place can give you the aesthetic results you want. Along with countless conflicting information about “artificial” beauty services, it also makes it difficult for women to choose where to get their eyelid surgery. According to cosmetic experts, to get the right assessment, you should rely on the following criteria:

  • Licensed by the Ministry of Health to operate in the field of cosmetology.
  • Has a clear address, modern infrastructure, and is known to many people.
  • There is close cooperation with international aesthetic partners such as Korea, America, Thailand, Singapore, etc. to transfer advanced technology.
  • The medical team is highly experienced and specialized.
  • Technology, surgical equipment, and high-end facilities meet Korean standards.
  • Professional, enthusiastic and dedicated staff.
  • There are clear pictures of what customers have done.


Currently, Keangnam Korea Beauty Center is trusted and chosen by many customers. By meeting all of the above criteria and especially having a team of well-trained, professional and experienced doctors, it will definitely help you quickly own beautiful, youthful eyes. quickly and still ensure safety.

Follow Keangnam Korea’s consultants through this video to find out!

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