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Scope of Application

The shipping policy is applied nationwide, covering all provinces and cities.

Delivery Time

Orders will be processed and delivered within 24 hours after being received.

For customers in remote provinces, the expected delivery time is 3 – 5 days, depending on weather conditions and goods status.

Delivery time is calculated from the time the order is completed until the customer receives the product.

Receive Invoices and Documents

During the delivery process, customers can request invoices and documents. The company will provide printed copies via email for customers to buy directly or receive goods at home.

Delivery Method

For customers in remote provinces: Use reliable delivery services.

For urban/suburban customers: Free delivery for orders within a range of less than 10km.

Goods Inspection Policy

You have the right to inspect the goods upon receipt.

In case the order is of the wrong type of product or does not meet the requirements, you have the right to return the goods and not pay.

If you have paid in advance and the order is incorrect, we commit to refund or exchange the order upon request.

In case we do not allow inspection of the goods, we commit to return them free of charge if any problems arise after receiving the goods.

Contact via Email: or phone number 1900 636 810 (office hours) to resolve all requests and ensure your satisfaction.


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