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At Keangnam Korea Beauty Center, we not only build a leading reputation in Ho Chi Minh City through constant efforts to provide excellent cosmetic services, but also commit to accompanying and supporting customers. products through a professional warranty policy.

  1. Committed to Customer Satisfaction

We understand that customer satisfaction is an important key to maintaining long-term relationships. Therefore, after each cosmetic service, we are committed to ensuring optimal and perfect results, creating confidence and happiness for customers.

  1. Flexible Warranty Policy

For each specific service, Keangnam Korea applies flexible warranty policies, depending on the specific characteristics and requirements of each cosmetic method. We not only highlight natural beauty but also ensure its maintenance and development over time.

  1. Maximum Benefits for Customers

The warranty policy at Keangnam Korea is not only a commitment to results but also a close bridge between customers and us. Customer interests are put first, helping to create a friendly and trustworthy environment.

We believe that maintaining a close relationship through a warranty policy is the key to continuous development and building Keangnam Korea Beauty Center’s beauty reputation in the leading aesthetic community.

Warranty Conditions

  • Warranty service only applies within the specified period.
  • Customers commit to comply with all instructions from the doctor after surgery.
  • Make sure to maintain therapy, take medication and fully participate in follow-up visits.
  • Warranty card must be preserved intact, not scratched or erased.
  • We commit to 100% free warranty costs to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Cases Not Covered By Warranty

  • The warranty period on the ticket has expired.
  • Warranty card is not intact.
  • The surgery was failed due to subjective reasons from the customer.

Warranty Instructions

At Keangnam Korea, we are committed to providing the best service experience and long-term warranty, while building a leading reputation in the cosmetic field. Each of our services is characterized by a flexible and appropriate warranty policy, bringing absolute satisfaction to customers.

Our warranty card is not only an information document but also a commitment to the rights of customers. They are strictly designed, provide full warranty information for all services used, and are a testament to the quality and reputation of Keangnam Korea Beauty Center.

Customers who perform warranty service at Keangnam Korea are not only guaranteed to receive quick support, but also receive dedicated treatment from a team of professional staff and doctors. To answer all questions, we provide consulting services via hotline 1900 636 810 (office hours), or customers can come to Keangnam Korea to receive the most dedicated and professional advice.

We always put our customers’ interests first and commit to ensuring they are at the most optimal level. This is not only an expression of responsibility, but also a long-term gratitude that Keangnam Korea has for its beloved customers.

Come and experience perfection at Keangnam Korea Beauty Center, which not only brings classy beauty but also accompanies you through a dedicated warranty and special offers.


Scope of Application

Return policy applies within 12 hours for products damaged due to shipping or manufacturer errors from receipt.

Return Conditions

  • Return Time: You can request to return the goods within 7 days from the date of receipt.
  • Preserving Packaging and Labels: To ensure return rights, please keep the original packaging and labels of the product.
  • Number of Returns: Each product can only be returned once.
  • No Returns: No returns are applicable to products that have expired and are not due to the carrier or manufacturer’s fault.

We always listen and appreciate all comments from our customers. You can contact us via phone number 1900 636 810 (during office hours) to share your opinions and reviews about our products and services. Our customer care team will quickly support and resolve all your problems.


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