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How to Treat Long-Term Melasma and Freckles, Restore Skin Firmness

Melasma and freckles are one of the most common skin problems and are considered the ‘enemy’ of many women, because they will cause the skin to become dark. If this condition is not detected and treated early, it will lead to melasma spreading to many other areas of the skin, seriously affecting your appearance. In the article below, Keangnam Korea will summarize the safest and most effective methods and treat long-term melasma and freckles. Let’s find out.

The most effective ways to treat long-term melasma and freckles
Don’t let melasma make you lose confidence when going out!

Causes of Melasma and Freckles

The main cause of melasma in general and melasma and freckles is due to excessive hyperpigmentation causing them to accumulate in the dermis layer of the skin, thereby causing yellow-brown melasma spots. These color spots will become darker when exposed to direct sunlight. Usually, freckles appear on the face and visible skin areas such as shoulders, arms,…

In addition, melasma is also caused by the impact of many other factors such as:

The cause of melasma comes from within

  • Genetics: According to experts, more than nearly 50% of people with melasma are hereditary. This is also the cause of many difficulties in the treatment of freckles.
  • Hormonal changes: Melasma can appear during pregnancy, postpartum, premenopause or menstrual disorders. This process causes increased levels of estrogen, progesterone and other hormones in the body, thereby stimulating melanin cells to overproduce, leading to the formation of melasma and freckles.
  • Frequent stress and tension: This will stimulate the endocrine glands to become more active, causing the body to produce melanin, causing melasma.
  • Age: The older you get, the more your hormones change and the more melanin is produced, creating more conditions for melasma such as freckles, melasma, and deep melasma to appear on the body.
Causes of facial melasma
Adjusting living habits is also a way to protect skin beauty

The cause of melasma is external

  • Heat radiation from computers and sunlight: This is the most common cause, causing melasma to appear densely on the skin. If exposed to UV rays for a long time, it will create an excessive amount of melanin, forming dark spots and spreading on the skin.
  • Using poor quality cosmetics: Poor quality products will damage the skin and create opportunities for melasma spots to form.
  • Unhealthy diet: Using hot, spicy, greasy foods, alcohol, and beer will also cause serious skin pigmentation that can last a long time.
Causes of melasma and freckles
Melasma and freckles can come from the most unexpected situations

How to Effectively Treat Long-Term Melasma and Freckles

According to research, skin with melasma and freckles can be completely cured if detected early and receive an appropriate melasma treatment regimen. Therefore, immediately go to reputable cosmetic clinics or hospitals to be examined by dermatologists and guided on the most appropriate treatment course.

Below are safe and effective melasma treatment methods:

1. How to treat melasma with laser

This is one of the highly appreciated melasma treatment methods, with good results and little recurrence. Experts will use ultra-short pulse lasers to stimulate the skin to enhance its ability to absorb and eliminate melanin. This method helps the skin become evenly colored and minimizes damage.

Laser treatment is highly safe, leaving little scarring, but can cause some side effects such as itching, redness or peeling of the skin.

Effective methods to treat melasma
How to Treat Long-Term Melasma and Freckles, Restore Skin Firmness 9

2. How to treat long-term melasma with light technology

This method uses high-intensity light to directly impact the skin area with melasma and freckles. This type of light wave will absorb melanin in the epidermis, blocking the mechanism and eliminating it. Thanks to this principle, freckles will be completely removed and rarely reappear. This method is highly appreciated, has good effectiveness, long-lasting results and causes few side effects.

3. How to treat facial melasma using chemical peeling method

When choosing this method, experts will use a chemical that acts on the surface of the skin, helping to remove dead cells and clean pores. Thanks to that, it stimulates the skin regeneration process and replaces new, healthier, whiter skin; Completely remove freckles quickly.

4. Treatment of melasma and freckles with cryosurgery

This method uses extremely cold liquid nitrogen to freeze to eliminate dark pigments that cause melasma, melasma and freckles. This method is considered to have a high level of safety, quick recovery time and little scarring. However, some customers experience bleeding, blistering and decreased skin pigmentation.

5. How to treat long-term melasma and freckles with EXO PCELL+ technology to treat melasma from the inside

According to the assessment of leading dermatologists, to get rid of long-term melasma and freckles, customers should apply treatment methods using modern technology according to the appropriate regimen. Among them, EXO PCELL+ technology is the first method of skin rejuvenation, melasma treatment and wrinkle removal using 100% pure Hyaludronic Acid in the most advanced injection form today.

EXO PCELL+ active ingredients will be pushed deep inside the skin, erasing dark pigmentation, stimulating the production of 4 types of Collagen and increasing Elastin 12 times, helping the skin become bright white, evenly colored and completely eliminating melasma and freckles. . In particular, this method is highly appreciated for its safety and effectiveness; Completely non-invasive, anesthesia and procedure time is only 30-45 minutes.

How to treat long-term melasma and freckles in keangnam Korea
Not only does it treat facial melasma, but it also restores skin beauty

Why should you treat melasma with the EXO PCELL+ method at Keangnam Korea ?

EXO PCELL+ is a fast effective melasma treatment method, specializing in restoring skin damage caused by long-term melasma and deep melasma. Depending on the skin condition, results will be visible after 1-3 treatments, while helping to whiten, restore firmness and hydrate the skin. The effect lasts for at least 3-5 years if followed correctly. doctor’s regimen.

Long-term treatment for melasma and freckles
Doctors recommend using 3 treatments to achieve the best results in treating melasma and restoring youthful skin

3 operating mechanisms of the EXO PCELL method:

  • Enhances moisture and plumps the skin in the epidermis: EXO PCELL+ contains a unique mixture of supramolecular hyaluronic acid, which has the ability to bind and retain water in the skin, creating a moist environment, helping the skin become smoother and more youthful. Enhanced moisture keeps skin soft, fresh and shiny.
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin regeneration and improves skin texture in the dermis: When injected into the skin, EXO PCELL+ facilitates the body’s natural collagen and elastin regeneration process, improving the structure of the skin. skin. This helps minimize wrinkles and signs of aging, making the skin more elastic and firm, bringing smooth and youthful skin to customers.
  • Stimulates the production of adipose tissue in the dermis: EXO PCELL+ penetrates deeply into the skin and stimulates skin cell regeneration. This helps the skin become healthier and firmer from the inside.

Who should treat facial melasma with the EXO PCELL+ method ?

The most suitable age to exploit the maximum benefits of this melasma treatment method will be between the ages of 24-65 and are experiencing the following skin problems:

  • Melasma, dull, dull, uneven skin tone
  • Premature skin aging, shallow wrinkles
  • Wrinkled, loose, sagging skin
  • Skin lacks moisture, is dehydrated, and is dry.
  • People with sunken cheeks, deep concavities, and not high cheeks
  • Need for intensive skin nourishment, under 3 skin layers (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis)
  • Want to quickly regenerate smooth, youthful skin
Treatment of long-term melasma at keangnam Korea
Complete treatment of facial melasma after 1-3 treatments, effectiveness maintained for 3-5 years at Keangnam Korea
How to treat long-term melasma
Images before and after treating melasma with the EXO PCELL+ method

Currently, customers can choose EXO PCELL+ technology solution at Keangnam Korea Beauty Salon. With a commitment to using genuine active ingredients, imported directly, Keangnam Korea promises to bring customers the best service on the market.

The entire treatment is performed by a team of professional doctors and nurses who graduated from prestigious medical schools. They will care for and restore the skin from deep within, eliminating and preventing the risk of melasma appearing.

In addition, customers can completely admire their faces after planning a treatment regimen using the artificial intelligence application Face AI Pro – Anticipate results exclusively at Keangnam Korea, applied in rejuvenation therapy. comprehensive EXO PCELL+.

In addition, Keangnam Korea commits to refund if it is not effective and provides a lifetime service warranty for all customers. With a transparent and reasonable process dedicated to customers during both the treatment process as well as after treatment. management, Keangnam Korea always creates prestige and peace of mind with customers.

Schedule a consultation now at EXO PCELL+ or contact hotline 0911.833.555 to learn more about service solutions and special promotions from Keangnam Korea!


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