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Widening the eye angle

Widening the eye angle has been a cosmetic beauty method that has been passed on by women to create big, round, beautiful, sparkling eyes that attract the opposite person’s attention. Let’s find out in more detail about this type of service, is it really safe and effective?

Should I have surgery to widening the eye angle ?

widening the eye angle

What is widening the eye angle ?

Widening the eye angle surgery is an eye cosmetic method that helps create rounder, more soulful eyes. Many people are familiar with eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery, but few people know that double eyelids will be much more beautiful if the eye corners are widened proportionally, the eyes will be evenly large, round and sparkling.


Widening the eye angle is a simple minor surgery that uses high technology to remove fat and excess skin at the corners of the eyes and the tail of the eyes, thereby improving the narrowing of the eye corners and helping to expand eye size. This is only a minor surgery, only removing the outer skin of the eye without affecting or invading the inside, so it will not affect vision or vision of the eye.

Classification of widening the eye angle

Widen the inner eye angle: This is a technique of cutting at the corner of the eye, near the bridge of the nose. When this part of the skin grows, it will push the distance between the eyes farther, making the eyes look smaller. In this method, the doctor will make a small incision in the eyelid area, remove loose skin at the corner of the eye and remove excess fat. Then adjust the eye shape for balance and harmony, adjust the tear ducts and cosmetic stitches to fix the eye position.

Widen the outer eye angle: This is a technique to expand the eye area. The cosmetic surgeon will make a thin incision at the corner of the eye. Calibration ensures balance for the eyes and harmony with the entire face. Then fix it with specialized cosmetic sewing thread. This method will be more suitable for those with many wrinkles on the tail, as well as the distance between the eyes being too close together.

Advantages and disadvantages of widening the eye angle service

Simply put, surgery to widening the eye corners is the golden solution to help the eyes become bigger, rounder and more soulful. Surely all of us are very familiar with the method of eyelid surgery and eyelid surgery, which helps shape double eyelids. However, in reality, there are some eye shapes that do not need to be cut or pressed, but simply need minor surgery to open the corner of the eye to achieve the desired beauty.

This minor surgery only removes the outer skin of the eye, without any impact or invasion inside. Therefore, for those of you who are nearsighted or are concerned about whether your eye vision is affected or not, you can rest assured.

The advantage of widening the eye angle

  • Shape your eyes to become bigger, rounder, more perfect and beautiful.
  • Widening the eye angle is a way to increase the eye size horizontally, without leaving scars or any marks. Unlike eyelid surgery or eyelid surgery, it increases the eye size vertically, and you have to wait a while for the eyes to stabilize. Therefore, opening the corners of the eyes will help the eyes look more natural and soulful.
  • High safety because the technique is used without much dissection and is non-invasive. Therefore, there will be no complications or risks of infection. Ensure absolute safety.
  • Is it painful to widening the eye angle? This is just a small procedure, completely painless, no swelling, no scars, and quick recovery time.

The advantage of widening the eye angle

Disadvantages of widening the eye angle

Although this cosmetic method is very simple, it also has certain potential risks. Especially when you do not have eye angle enlargement surgery at reputable beauty facilities. Possible risks include:

  • Leaves scars.
  • Both eyes are not symmetrical.
  • The eye was swollen and inflamed, affecting vision because standard surgical procedures were not followed.

Therefore, to minimize any possible risks, we recommend that you choose a reliable cosmetic address like Keangnam Korea Cosmetic Institute. With 10 years of experience in the industry, a team of highly specialized and skilled doctors, and advanced modern equipment. Keangnam Korea has received many prestigious certifications in the beauty field. Deserves to be a safe, quality, and reputable gold base for those who choose to deposit their gold.

Suitable objects widening the eye angle

  • Narrow eye corners, short horizontal face
  • The distance between the eyes is far apart
  • Eyes short, small
  • Eyes slanted upside down
  • The ends of the eyes are drooping
  • Eyes small and narrow, eyeballs bulging
  • The eyes have fan folds that partially cover the corners of the eyes

Procedure widening the eye angle

Examination and consultation

Examination and consultation

In this step, the doctor will determine the condition of the eye and the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed from the corner of the eye or the corner of the eye.

Remove excess skin

Remove excess skin

After a thorough examination, the doctor will make a small incision, then remove excess skin and adjust the coverage of the fan folds or duck feet folds.

Cosmetic stitches

Cosmetic stitches

Adjust so as not to affect the lacrimal gland, then sew it with cosmetic thread close to the inside of the eye to ensure there are no scars and no effect on vision.

Post-operative care

Post-operative care

After the minor surgery, the doctor will check the results and give instructions on self-care at home.

Results after performing widening the eye angle

Trước Sau

Outstanding video about widening the eye angle

Why should you choose to widening the eye angle at Keangnam Korea?

There are many beauty salons today, but to achieve the desired aesthetic effect and ensure safety, it is best for customers to choose Keangnam Korea Beauty Center.

  • The leading prestigious cosmetic address in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Equipped with investment, standard infrastructure design, airy, spacious, comfortable and luxurious rooms.
  • Leading in the application of advanced techniques, modern and advanced equipment, machinery, and cosmetic support tools imported and transferred technology directly from abroad.
  • Gathering a team of famous Masters and Specialists with rich experience and flexible grasp of current aesthetic trends.
  • Attentive, dedicated and professional customer service.
  • Always apply the most preferential prices for customers.

If you have any questions, you can take the time to come directly to Keangnam Korea Beauty Center, call Hotline 0911.833.555 or leave your appointment information to receive specific advice from our experts.


Frequently asked questions about widening the eye angle

Widening the eye angle is an advanced cosmetic technique that has the ability to make the eyes bigger and deeper but does not create double eyelids at all. Therefore, if a customer has monolids, we should combine the two services at the same time to get the best results.

Eye angle enlargement is currently a cosmetic technique that is considered extremely safe and does not have any effect on the cornea or vision. Basically, this beauty method only interferes with excess skin and fat, so it is completely harmless to the eyes. In addition, with high expertise and extensive experience, doctors will skillfully widen the corners of the eyes and help customers have the big, round eyes they desire.

Follow Keangnam Korea’s consultants through this video to find out!

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