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With dedication and constant striving, Keangnam Korea Beauty Center has been honored to achieve impressive results, building its reputation as one of the leading cosmetic addresses in Vietnam. Keangnam Korea is proud of the honors and titles that have recognized our efforts.

Keangnam Korea tự hào nhận Cúp Vàng Top 5 Thương Hiệu Uy Tín Chất Lượng Quốc Gia

An important turning point, marking Keangnam Korea’s continuous efforts over the past time to provide customers with top and prestigious cosmetic services. Further affirming our position to carry out the mission of “creating beauty”, bringing maximum value to customers.

Cúp vàng thương hiệu hàng đầu Asean 2022

Keangnam Korea was honored to receive the title of Top 3 most prestigious cosmetic gold brands in Vietnam at the 30-year diplomatic event between Vietnam and Korea. We are proud to be the convergence of the quintessence from Korea along with leading cosmetic technologies from many countries such as Korea, America, Japan, Switzerland, and many other places.

Top 10 thương hiệu mạnh quốc gia 2019

In 2019, Keangnam Korea reached the Top 10 strong national brands. We meet all strict criteria, including impressive business results, strong brand recognition, professional service quality, and useful contributions to society.

Top 10 sản phẩm chất lượng cao

Our continuous efforts to improve the quality of products and services have been recognized with the title “Reputable Brand – High Quality Products and Services”.


With nearly 10 years of service mission and continuous development, Keangnam Korea has made a strong mark in the beauty field. Millions of customers have experienced not only beauty but also absolute trust.
We have invested heavily in brand development and are constantly improving to meet customers’ increasing expectations. Keangnam Korea’s facilities always comply with 5-star standards, equipped with modern machinery and constantly updated beauty technology. We are proud of our team of highly specialized experts and doctors who are always dedicated and professional in every service.
This is undeniable: Keangnam Korea always ensures absolute satisfaction from customers, and this is the daily motivation for us to continue to put perfection and quality service first. .


With more than a decade of proud experience in the cosmetic industry, Keangnam Korea Beauty Center constantly establishes and affirms its prestigious position in today’s beauty market. We understand that beauty is not only a process of perfecting beauty but also a journey of complete relaxation and recovery for the body and soul. Discover the 5-Star beauty environment at Keangnam Korea.

Cở sở vật chất đạt chuẩn 5 sao

When you enter the space of Keangnam Korea, you will immediately be drawn into a world of luxury and class. With elegant minimalist design, we ensure that every customer will feel warmth and comfort. We not only provide perfect beauty services but also a place where you can relax and enjoy a sophisticated space.
The system of spa rooms, skin care rooms, surgery rooms and reception halls in Ho Chi Minh City meets 5-star standards. With modern architecture and luxurious space, Keangnam Korea will bring you a feeling of peace and relaxation after a busy working day.
International customers also constantly praise the sophisticated space and modern facilities at Keangnam Korea. We are proud to receive high ratings from customers from many different countries.
Join us to experience an amazing transformation in appearance and spirit at Keangnam Korea, where we bring you a new vision of beauty and self-care.


Máy móc công nghệ làm đẹp tiên tiến

Keangnam Korea is committed to bringing technology to the heart of every beauty service, using 100% modern technology to ensure customers’ beauty processes are optimal and safe. We are equipped with the most advanced machinery, the best support for beauty processes, and ensure all equipment meets CO/CQ international quality standards.

All supplies and products used in the beauty process at Keangnam Korea are tested and certified to have clear origins, ensuring customer safety. This includes the necessary marketing certificates, to ensure that all products and services used meet international standards.

We pay special attention to regularly changing and updating equipment to meet the latest beauty trends. We are committed to always making progress and standing firmly on the beauty map with the most modern technology and equipment, so that you always have the opportunity to experience top cosmetic services.


Đội ngũ bác sĩ chuyên môn cao

One of the important factors that create the class and prestige of Keangnam Korea is its team of highly qualified experts and doctors. We are proud to have leading experts in the industry, who are doctors with extensive experience both domestically and internationally. Professionalism and the ability to handle all customer requests are always top priority.
Doctors and experts at Keangnam Korea are all formally trained at prestigious medical universities. Every year, they participate in courses and technology transfer in Korea – the center of world beauty, to always master the latest beauty trends.
With experience and knowledge accumulated from developed countries in the field of aesthetics such as France, America, Korea, and Japan, doctors at Keangnam Korea possess a deep understanding of current aesthetic technologies. modern, ensuring that they have the ability to successfully apply beauty services to meet all customer needs. Quality and dedication in cosmetic services are guaranteed by a team of leading experts, and we aim for absolute satisfaction and trust for every customer.


Keangnam Korea Beauty Center, with more than a decade of experience among the top in the cosmetic field, is proud to be one of the prestigious and reputable addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. We constantly strive to improve service quality, always ensuring to provide top beauty services. With constant enthusiasm, we are always a pioneer in grasping and applying modern beauty trends and the most advanced cosmetic technology to ensure customers are best served.
We completely focus on customer satisfaction with the motto: “When you are not satisfied, it is our fault.”


With decades of experience in the beauty industry, Keangnam Korea has shaped a bold vision: We are not simply an international beauty institute - Keangnam Korea is your partner in your beauty journey. Our vision is to build a community where people can find confidence and make a positive change in their lives through quality cosmetic services.


Keangnam Korea Beauty Center's mission is to make people more beautiful, more confident and happier. We aim for safe and effective cosmetic solutions, providing dedicated and professional services. We put customer satisfaction first and build relationships based on trust and respect.


– Quality: Ensuring all services and products are of the best quality, with the application of advanced cosmetic technology and safety procedures.
– Dedicated: The team of experts at Keangnam Korea are not only professional workers, but also companions, always listening and sympathizing with customers' wishes.
– Creativity: Constantly research and develop, always stay ahead of the latest aesthetic trends to bring unique and effective solutions.
– Trustworthy: Fulfill all commitments and always be a reliable source for positive changes in customers' appearance.


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