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Where Melasma Treatment And Freckles Quickly, Effectively?

The quality of life will depend on the quality of choices. Choosing a melasma treatment method that is not suitable for the condition or unsafe facilities has made the melasma condition serious, even hindering future treatments. So, where can you treat facial melasma and freckles quickly, effectively and safely? Let’s find out with Keangnam Korea in the article below!

Where to Treat Facial Melasma and Freckles Quickly
Facial melasma should be treated as soon as possible

Identify the causes of melasma and freckles and pay attention when treating

There are many causes of melasma. Each cause has its own approach and treatment as well as its own “difficulties”. The 4 main reasons causing facial melasma include:

  • Genetic factors – this is the most difficult type of melasma to treat, can only be temporarily overcome, requiring periodic intervention to reduce the effects.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight and environmental pollution – this is the easiest type of melasma to treat, especially when the roots of the melasma are not deep.
  • Hormonal disorders and age – this type of melasma often appears during pregnancy, menopause or when under extreme stress and prolonged pressure (usually appears after age 30). This type of melasma requires a combination of treatment from both a dermatological and hormonal perspective, and will be more complicated than normal types of melasma.
  • Improper lifestyle and diet – with this type of melasma, after treatment, you need to adjust your lifestyle to prevent melasma from recurring.

When you detect signs of melasma, you should examine and consult experts to identify the correct type of melasma and treat it properly. Besides, avoid following tips online because each condition and type of melasma will have its own problems, no two cases are the same.

The longer melasma lasts, the more difficult it is to treat. Treating melasma at home incorrectly or not persistently can also lead to a more severe condition, causing severe skin damage and darker melasma, making it difficult to overcome.

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Currently, there are many ways to treat melasma that many people apply such as using drugs, cosmetics, folk methods, etc. As mentioned before, this is a “bet” approach, if If you’re lucky it will go away, if you’re unlucky it will be even more serious. Therefore, that is also the reason why customers should go to reputable cosmetic hospitals to treat melasma safely, effectively and thoroughly – with the right disease, the right way.

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Where to treat facial melasma?
Melasma can recur if the cause is not properly understood and treated properly

Criteria for Choosing an Effective Place for Melasma Treatment

1. Place with an operating license issued by the Ministry of Health

On the market, there are many cosmetic establishments operating but without a license from the Ministry of Health. This contributes to many unsuccessful cosmetic procedures. Therefore, customers should choose reputable addresses with operating licenses because this is the best proof of the aesthetic facility’s reliability in terms of: modern equipment, high service quality, and safety. safety, hygiene, doctors with practice certificates and rich experience.

2. Professionalism and understanding of the treating doctor

Besides modern equipment, whether or not melasma treatment is effective depends largely on the skills of the medical team. Highly skilled doctors with many years of experience will ensure that the treatment process is highly effective for customers through identifying the cause, analyzing the condition and consulting on appropriate treatments and regimens. .

You can evaluate this through your doctor’s consultation, or through previous similar melasma treatment cases.

3. Technology used

Facilities that apply the most modern technology in treatment will be one of the reasons customers should learn before choosing. Leading technologies not only ensure thorough treatment of long-term facial melasma but also minimize side effects or damage.

Each beauty salon will use different technologies and melasma treatment methods. During the consultation, you can ask questions and learn more about the methods the salon uses. Along with that are the advantages and limitations of the method for your own case.

Where is a good place to treat melasma?
AI technology at Keangnam Korea helps simulate melasma treatment results with 99% accuracy.

Where is a good place to treat melasma on the face?

Keangnam Korea is one of the reputable melasma treatment addresses that many customers trust and choose to deal with dark, deep, long-standing, and difficult-to-treat melasma thanks to high-tech application solutions combined with A team of professional doctors, bringing comprehensive results to the skin.

Using advanced melasma treatment technology imported from Switzerland

Keangnam Korea Beauty Salon uses EXO PCELL+ technology – Skin rejuvenation technology, removing wrinkles and dark spots with 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid without chemicals in injection form. This advanced technology imported directly from Switzerland will help nourish the skin from deep within, care for and eliminate the risk of hyperpigmentation causing melasma.

This is a 3-in-1 solution that simultaneously overcomes many skin problems in addition to treating melasma externally:

  • Plumps and keeps skin hydrated at the epidermis
  • Improves skin structure in the dermis, reduces wrinkles, improves smile lines, and repels aging
  • Regenerates skin cells in the dermis, helping to make skin healthy from the inside

Thereby, it does not treat facial melasma, but also supports the recovery of damage, regaining shiny, elastic skin with long-lasting results. At the same time, it contributes to eliminating and stopping the risks of skin pigmentation in the future.

Committed to quality service

Using the melasma treatment service at Keangnam Korea, customers can simulate the results in advance using AI technology, with an accuracy rate of up to 99%. Currently, Keangnam Korea commits to refund if the desired results are not achieved and provides a lifetime warranty for all services. In addition, the beauty salon also guarantees that the treatment results can be maintained for 3 – 5 years, if customers follow the doctor’s regimen correctly.

Other benefits from EXO PCELL+ melasma treatment, skin tightening and whitening technology:

  • Increases collagen by 600% & elastin by 300%.
  • Increases Elastin and 4 types of Collagen 12 times (I, II, III, IV)
  • Increases skin moisture by 20% creating a hydrated, plump effect
  • Fast treatment, no significant stinging
Where to treat melasma quickly and effectively?
The doctor’s experience and knowledge will affect the treatment results

Medical standard melasma treatment process

Besides offering effective treatment for melasma and freckles, Keangnam Korea always follows standard treatment procedures to bring the best results to customers.

  • Step 1: Examination and consultation

Keangnam Korea experts will have to examine to classify melasma, find the cause of melasma, and then provide appropriate treatment methods. The doctor will examine the skin with a multi-layer skin scanner, then analyze it with Face AI Pro and create a personalized regimen.

  • Step 2: Deep cleaning with Diamond Skin technology
  • Step 3: Conduct biological light therapy

After deep cleansing, experts will use biological light to stimulate new cell production to help rejuvenate the entire skin surface.

  • Step 4: Proceed with treatment with EXO PCELL+

In this step, the doctor uses exclusive technology to deliver the active ingredient EXO PCELL+ directly into the deep dermis layer of the skin through 5 injection points on each cheek.

  • Step 5: Use additional micronutrients

To increase the smoothness of the skin, doctors will apply a type of microblastic substance, which helps the skin increase moisture, making it smoother, fresher and brighter.

  • Step 6: Instructions for care and re-examination

After completing the treatment course, doctors will provide thorough skin care instructions and how to handle any side effects. In addition, customers will have a follow-up examination after 28 – 30 days according to the treatment regimen given by the doctor.

Results of melasma treatment in Keangnam Korea
Actual results of melasma treatment in Keangnam Korea
Results of facial melasma treatment in Keangnam Korea
Skin becomes more shiny and smooth after treating melasma with EXO PCELL+ technology

A team of experienced doctors

The medical team at Keangnam Korea have all undergone intensive training in the fields of dermatology and aesthetics. Experts can easily find the cause of melasma and provide a suitable treatment regimen for each customer, with obvious results after 1-3 treatments.

For detailed information, see: EXO PCELL+ or contact hotline 0911.833.555 for quick advice on suitable skin cosmetic service solutions.


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